Mood Hoover ~TJ70

This is a real life thing web listing and not made up for effect.

I googled “mood hoover” as I wanted to check where I had heard the phrase and if it had been borrowed from another source. I am a little wary of the stories some presenters use and they imply it is their own. Strange thing I have heard the same story over and over and read it in a book too.

Anyway Andy Cope I think was my original introduction to the term. He often uses the “this person lights up the room when when they leave it” evaluation form anecdote.

Anyway to cut a long story short here is an image of the link – Mood Hoover at
Don’t Debenhams know we would not want to buy one!
So 9/10 for their technology but 0/10 for google listing in the search results – its not a real search its a fuzzy logic monstrosity and google offering this service and accepting money from Debenhams does emphasise the need to be vigilant on the internet. It might not be what it seems.


Fortunatley they don’t really stock mood hoovers but do have spare parts for your
“Hoover” and cases for your iphone called “mood” so by rating of 9/10
just for the technical ingenuity I think is well justified. However I digress.




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