Chimp V

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Types of carrots

Lots of varieties
There are many types of carrots and it is a good idea to make sure that you try all the types. Everyone needs to learn what carrots they like best and to make sure they obtain them. Grow your own carrots!

These can be obvious material things such as football tickets, new clothing, chocolate bars, a meal out, a car and so on. It can be anything that is a reward to you and will make you happy. Linking rewards to work that you have to do is a very good way of getting your Chimp on side. Have rewards in place to look forward to as this can give the Chimp motivation and the Human commitment to carry on.

It is important to look back and celebrate what you have done. Reflecting on your hard work and effort is important to increase the chances of success. It is important for both you and your Chimp to recognise this and praise yourself for what you have done, or even tried to do.

Most Humans do not need recognition but are self-satisfied. However, most Chimps within us do need recognition from the right person and if you deprive them of this then they can become very bitter, angry and upset. Make sure the recognition happens by working out whom you would welcome praise or recognition from and make sure that they understand that this would mean a lot to you. This is a sensible way to look after and nurture your Chimp.

Your Chimp needs encouragement from time to time and it’s not unreasonable to ask for this. Encouragement is a very good carrot to give your Chimp good feelings when it needs them. Don’t forget that people around you are not mind readers. You might have to tell them that you would like to be encouraged. Sometimes we all forget to encourage others. Looking at the benefits of achieving something is one of the strongest encouragers.

Getting support from the right person or people is a great boost to morale. The troop rallying to support a distressed Chimp or Human is a very welcome carrot. Don’t be afraid to ask for support or help. This is one of the reasons why we have troops. Don’t be foolish by cutting yourself off from support. This is unlikely to be wise and much more likely to be stupid! It’s unlikely to be a sign of independence but rather a sign of stubbornness. If you had a friend who was in trouble you would not hesitate to help. Don’t deprive your friends of the chance to show their friendship for you when you need it.


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