Chimp IV

Summary of the book included in the audio book –

Part 3 – You health success and happiness

in Part 1 – we covered your inner mind and how you function and get to know yourself

  • who (what) the (inner) human is,
  • who (what) the (inner) chimp is and
  • the (inner) computer.

in Part 2 – we looked at how you function for that we looked at how you work with other people,

  • how you communicate and
  • the world in which you live.

We have now reached the last 3 planets (chap 13 – 18)

Chapter 13
The Planet of Shadows and the Asteroid Belt
How to look after your health

Chapt 13 - 2013-09-09_102202

Malfunction and dysfunction
THIS PLANET SYSTEM covers physical and mental health. Illness and poor maintenance create shadows in our lives but we can remove them.
Let me state the obvious. If you have an illness this needs addressing, because trying to employ the Chimp model with a machine that isn’t working properly is going to be much more difficult, if not impossible.

Malfunction means you are ill. The machine is not working properly and you need to see a doctor for treatment. The asteroid belt that encircles the planet represents malfunction and all the physical and mental illnesses that you can suffer.

Dysfunction is when the machine is working fine but it is not being used properly or is not being looked after: it needs maintenance. The Planet of Shadows represents this dysfunction. We are all dysfunctional to varying degrees! This whole book is about minimising this dysfunction.

Part 3 - 2013-09-09_102106


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