The Inner Chimp in us all ~TJ68

marmite - 2013-09-07_091957
The Chimp paradox has some very interesting ideas in it.
It will probably either be something you quite quickly take to or
decide that it is a load of rubbish.

I really recommend you give it a read – google books have a free preview online.

Lets do more - 2013-09-07_091419

Motivational reminders are also very helpful, such as a poster on the wall or a written message to yourself.
This might stop the Chimp from hijacking you.

The illustration below shows the complete Psychological Mind with all six working components,
namely the Human, the Chimp and the Computer with its Goblins,
Gremlins, Autopilots and Stone of Life.

Chimp mind - 2013-09-07_094837

Amazon chimp - 2013-09-07_095513

cmimp amazon 2 - 2013-09-07_100701

I am wary of the “emperor’s new clothes” syndrome – people liking something just
because other people do – but 291 reviews @ 4.5 stars average is pretty good –
even the the one star reviews are informative – make your own decision.

Just google the ISBN no. 009193558X

Just for clarification no links or affiliate links just my honest personal opinion.


5 thoughts on “The Inner Chimp in us all ~TJ68

  1. I have found listening to the audio @ x 1.25 or 1.5 is fine – someone commented he spoke slowly and was dull but I always like to hear the author.

    Some of it is more relevant to different people than others – to me the key is if the outcomes you current have are fine who cares how you got there – BUT if there are things that are NOT how you want them there is a model to address things – it might not be easy but it is simple.

    Also remains me of a proverb about insanity being expecting a different outcome being when a person continues with the same actions but desires a different outcome!

    Also when he talks about emotional thinking I think he is meaning illogical and biased thinking rather than a “nice” type of emotion as opposed to “cold and heartless” decision making.

    However he is a bloke and a psychiatrist which requires first being a doctor – the level of academic aptitude required to get into medical school sometimes makes the resulting doctor#s terrible teachers.

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