Two sessions compared ~TJ66


2 similar sessions compared
Lots of geeky stats 0.6 miles before recovery

The 2 “afterwork” sessions are compared.
For “maximum” efficient use of time the first component will be endurance.
So for the time being the goal is to run 5k and enjoy it!

This is the most important component on the exercise session.

So we can see in the green graph above the heart rate increases gradually until the distance of 0.6 miles has been completed.

That day it was an approximately rectangular course – the nearer the course is to a rectangle and without being too extreme and slowing should have square corners – round them all off equally. Then if the maximum distance equates to 2.5 laps next time try for 3. In addition after several minutes rest if required the same distance should be attempted.

In the second session the overload (which = adaptation) will take place. The first session has value in terms of calories expended and being therapeutic etc but its real purpose is to allow the second work interval session to be carried out.

Hence the second session may feel harder and need more focus. For a bit of fun the fast running – preferably up a hill can be done.  The aim of this is max heart rate as quickly as possible – very few repeats are fine – even one peak to exceed the max during the endurance session is fine – several are better. This HIIT creates the afterburn where calories are burnt for many hours.

This component is needed as eventually running a steady 5k gently will not raise the heart rate enough!

All feel free to comment! – If you are not training with a heart rate monitor consider the benefits and efficiency with your work out time.


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