Training schedule ~TJ65

Ok there are seven days and nights a week, I have to work five days, spend one day shopping and with Mum, have started a new walking group so have to do that as well.

Need to fit in three walk / run / “r”alk sessions of differing types and three strength / cross training sessions and have one day of rest. No two consecutive days the same thing.

Run / walk / “r”alk sessions – thinking is: one fartlek ie freestyle on a Sunday when I have time to myself; one hill session; one long, slow, distance session.

so Sunday is fartlek day

Monday has to be rest / gym
Tues to Friday can be rest / gym or run depending on what I did on Monday!
Saturday is walking group day – so can I add a run to this as well? or pop to the gym? (40 mile round trip)

What happens if life gets in the way? Do I dump the whole schedule? re construct it? Or basically stop worrying about it as I’m not actually Paula Radcliffe?

Is it just me or does everyone have these problems?


2 thoughts on “Training schedule ~TJ65

  1. Yes I think so in their own way. I’m waiting for my hubby to get home and babysit so I can get out, but he’s on call so he might not be home before midnight! But I have it better than a single mum – I’d never get out then”

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