I used to hate Sundays ~TJ60

What a horrible boring day Sunday was when I was young, you had to be in early to ‘get ready for school’ ie a bath in the afternoon, then P J’s all evening and early bed time. Then as a teenager it didn’t improve, parents found loads of stuff for you to do in the house. As a married woman it seemed to always be about visiting his parents or doing his hobbies.

Sundays changed when I became a mother and especially when I became a single mother, the Sundays were about good times with the kids, playing, exploring, teaching, learning – the best Sundays of my life to that point.

Once again I have started to look forward to Sundays, I can take myself off into nature, relative peace and quiet, birds, trees, small creatures. I am able to spare as much time as I want / need just to be, to exist, to try to find a centre for myself.

Now that I have started running I can also feel completely free for the few seconds / minutes that I am able to run, I cannot believe or really yet understand why there is such a sense of empowerment, wonder, joy, freedom, naturalness about running – even for the short bursts I do. The faster I run the better I feel, I really have to hold myself back (because Steve says so!)


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