HIIT-03 – Amazing ~TJ58

An amazing hard core grudge match of a session – when I suggested a gentle recovery session to avoid over-training.

The good thing is in the long term most of my suggestions are listened to and some even implemented BUT not always and rarely in the order I intended!

HIIT 03 - 2013-08-20_110423


SO it seems that weekly targets of 2 HIIT sessions one endurance one speed are actually much better framed as a maximum of 5 in a 2 week period or 10 a month max with no more than 3 sessions in a 6 day period and never back to back on consecutive days.

After-all the worse thing that will happen even if all these suggestions are ignored is that the quality of the sessions reduced and the risk of injury starts to climb!

The seed of the idea to “kick-butt” on the site of the “bad” session was planted and when the planets were aligned that venue and that course received a comprehensive butt kicking.

The session was a much better overall max speed health session and anaerobic heart / cardio session so there is also scope for increasing the course time but NOT going so fast on the effort sessions that on the recovery sessions the overall gains were lost – but this was not about overall times this was about heart rate peaks and recovery.

Recevery - HIIT  03 2013-08-20_110239

This session now requires Wikipedia to be updated because the information cited and referenced is being misquoted. The theoretical Max Heart Rate in this session being totally blown out of the water! Perhaps even more of a good reason to get the test rescheduled that we discussed (details are not appropriate for the blog).

BUT it is important to know that each person is different and a generic guide created long before the wide availability of accurate cheap heart rate monitors is just that a guide figure. Also the same heart rate monitor strap and phone app (so far from clinical quality) has given some totally bogus results. So a flatline in the 220 to 240 range is a classic malfunction no idea why but I have seen it many times also a flat line at zero then jumping back to normal – strap has lost contact


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