HIIT-02 Interval Training ~TJ53


Sweat equity

HIIT-03 - 2013-08-16_100134 Wow that was really hard going, I didn’t think I would finish it – but I did!

HIIT-02 2013-08-16_100049

HRM failed to be in contact with the skin for the middle part of the workout.

The graph look really scrappy and not as nice and consistent as Tuesday. But a good workout, had some problems with the technology.

I downloaded a brilliant app to sort out the intervals so I got told when to run, when to walk and so on. Post coming soon on the apps and HRM belt and its use.

No stitch this time, but did get a bit of shin splints, no knee or hip ache or pain, some twinges in ankles.

Think I will consider this week as a test run for me and the technology. Big jump up in exercise regime which is now:

  • Sunday Run/walk intervals, followed by as long a walk as I can do at a gentle pace
  • Monday Gym for weight training and rowing / swimming
  • Tuesday run/walk intervals as per programme
  • Wednesday – see Monday
  • Thursday run/walk intervals as per programme
  • Friday – see Monday
  • Saturday – shopping, mum’s housework and rest from exercise (of a formal nature) perhaps an afternoon sleep

Still the results are good so must keep on keeping on.


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