Medicines review part two ~TJ52

Well its been a month since I saw the doc last, at that meeting my Bisoprosol, Atorvastatin and Bendroflumethiazide were all halved due to the weight loss and fitness levels.

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( Later I might add in more details of what pills are / do and their effects on me or maybe links to NICE information and why you should be aware of it. Informed and empowered patients. (opens is new window)

So I went with a little trepidation, my blood pressure has remained at the low end of normal for the last month so I wasn’t expecting an increase in medication.

I was weighed and had blood pressure taken – that was the same as when I had taken it after getting out of bed!  Doctor was pleased, ‘amazing you have lost just over 1kg in a month – despite an obvious increase in muscle mass’ WOW was I pleased. So we had a discussion about the remaining pills:

Bisoprosol stopped immediately

Bendroflumethiazide – I can stop or vary at will

Atorvastation stays as is (20mg) pending blood tests in 2 weeks time. If cholesterol levels are acceptable then the statin will be reduced to 10 mg and a further experimental period will start.

Ramipril – no change as yet

Aspirin – taken prophylactically, extra fitness and weight loss greatly reduces my risk of heart attack or strokes – so left to me to decide whether to take it or not.

Lanzoprazole – taken to protect stomach from aspirin, so if that goes so does this one.

So my decision re Bendroflumethiazide, continue cutting pills in half (2.5 mg /2) and take on alternate days instead of every day and monitor swelling in legs

Aspirin/lanzoprazole combo, hold decision for one month to better monitor the effects of the change to bisoprosol and await blood results, also allows time for some research into the use and effectiveness of aspirin.

All in all a brilliant day.


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