Unplanned Runs

Just get out there and see what happens – especially if you are in two minds – follow bodies prompt and get moving – the house or apartment or family chores, the box set of DVDs or the blog or you tube can wait – and the blog will be SO much better after the run! If games are your thing try one of the running games – but do them on the flat to start with – my conscience can’t take massive losses of novice runners to the zombies on their first outings because of an inopportune hill and a particularly ambulant or determined batch of the undead!

Jog Search

At times, I find myself heading out for runs with no set plan. These seem to be the runs that just work out best for me. This morning, I put on my running shoes and hit the road with no direction.


Five miles. No four miles. I ran ten yesterday, make today easy. Don’t sell yourself short. These are all thoughts that crossed my mind within the first mile of my run. I ended up running out two miles, turning around, and decided to try and come back faster than I went out. A negative split run. I didn’t know I was going to embark on a workout today, but I just felt like it. So I ran out in 15:56 and returned in 13:46. My legs felt good, and I went with it.

I think those kind of runs tend to be the best. Unplanned. It’s running according to…

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