Couch to 5k ~TJ45

Well the time has come to finally try this thing out – again. Tried it in March when I first started this leg of my journey and injured myself.

So last Sunday, without telling anyone I was going to do it I tried again’ see post  about that day.

See the Mynydd-Mawr-Woodland-Park Post

So high level discussions and negotiations took place between me and Steve, aka He who must be obeyed, and I have dropped Sospan club and Parkrun for now in favour of the C25K program.

Night 2 of week one was last night, so far so good I had one wobble but mostly good, I so love the heart rate monitor sending data to my phone and having a lap button meant I could mark each phase for Steve to do his geek stuff. The Digifit site that I upload to has lots of pretty graphs (lol) and good solid information  – I love it all.

Looking forward to Thursday for night three of week 1, am alternating the days with gym for strength training, swimming and gentle rowing.


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