Walking with others ~TJ36

walking 2013-08-08_094647
I am not sure yet whether I actually like walking with other people, this may be because the people I am walking with are so much fitter and faster than I am.

I feel inadequate – they are nice friendly, helpful people who encourage me all the time, but I feel that I am stopping them doing what they need to do for themselves.

When I went out on Saturday and ran / walked my way round a park for four miles I felt great, in control, alive, enjoying the air, and the rain.

Tonight I felt tense, unable to cope with the pace, I had breathing problems, it was not that much fun. I got a good workout but is that all it is meant to be?

I will continue with both sets of people for a while more and see if it gets better as I become fitter.


2 thoughts on “Walking with others ~TJ36

  1. You could stick with both! You will always have people of different natural abilities and in your absence there will still a slow person LOL a quick person and a person who talks too much – a quiet person – sometimes they are the ones worth talking too.

    Don’t let it define your walks / runs but keep it as part of the portfolio – the session where you can learn from those with more experience – ask questions – and push the pace where they can pick up the pieces if you go wrong.

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