All or Nothing ~CC

In the digital age a link either works or it does not.

If you are very well versed something you can fix it up and achieve the intended end result.

To illustrate this point and touch on another cyber phonommen I will use the example of a link on a web site which is promoting a olive oil business and a book.

It is so niche it would be easy to find so I will tell you which one to save you the trouble.

MoM link2

The site is

Message to fishpond

On the site for the book the prominent link on the home page is rendered as’amp;’amp;id=9781775530053&’amp;’amp;affiliate_banner_id=1

which links to a “product not found” page – the link is correctly entered into wordpress but is “altered” by wordpress and displays in a way which does not find the product.
Wordpress add “amp;” after the & symbol works I suspect and reaches the correct page

What do you suggest to the publishers of the site to remedy this potentially lost sales opportunity?

The price of the item also seems to vary – not sure of the reason.
It was listed @ £18.71 now £19.31
RRP £19.99 Price £18.71 Save £1.28 Free Shipping Worldwide
RRP £19.99 Price £19.31 Free Shipping Worldwide

My main question as a reader is how long would shipping take to the UK
On the site it says “Ships from NZ supplier”
Free Shipping Worldwide

No estimate of delivery time is quoted.

Many thanks

Broken link - 2013-08-07_095915


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