Walking vs running ~TJ32

Loads has been said about the differences, advantages, disadvantages of walking against running. I tried running back in March and took an injury leaving me unable to exercise for over a week! Disaster!

As an older person with arthritis I worry about:

  • Falling and breaking a hip
  • Inflammation from impact
  • Damage to cartilege, joints etc
  • Onset of Osteoporosis
  • Diabetes 2 – if I don’t eat correctly and exercise

There is, sadly, so much conflicting information available, always a ‘scare’ in the news, some new miracle diet/cure whatever. basically at heart we ALL KNOW that to lose weight and get fit and stay there we have to eat sensibly and do some exercise, it really is that simple! The complexity is what exercise? to what intensity? how often? again loads of information and data available.

To my mind (so far) walking is better – you can literally do it anywhere at any time, in any place, you do not need special equipment. For instance I walk at lunchtime from my office, I often don’t put trainers on, I just go and walk for half an hour. If I wanted to run I think I would have to put some sort of trainers on (a disadvantage in my eyes). I think another disadvantage is the sweaty factor, it is possible to walk for thirty minutes without getting hot and sweaty (whether this is a good thing is a different issue), I don’t think i could run for thirty minutes without sweating – again a limiting factor when at work.

The biggest single decider for me at the moment is that walking burns only slightly fewer calories than running per km/mile/yard/foot etc’ BUT as walking is easier, it is highly likely that you can go further – more often thus burning more calories than running overall.

This may change  – i quite enjoyed the running today so I may do more of it, and I am fairly competitive and there are simply not many walking races!!




One thought on “Walking vs running ~TJ32

  1. There is an old “fitness industry” proverb that the most effective “exercise” rather than being the one featured in OK or Heat magazine or the TV or tweeted about by a celebrity is the exercise that you actually do – not once but on a regular basis!

    So if it works for you and you do it – just keep on doing it.

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