After the epic first 5 k row I decided to look at the stats.

HRM - 2013-08-02_062411So here is the HRM (heart rate monitor) data – will post the spec and tips later

12 minutes in looks like it was getting tough or perhaps was so easy that the intensity was increased.

The rower provides more intensity the harder you pull – some fancy algorithms track your distance, stroke rate etc the HRM belt is separate and logged by an Android phone. It is simple to do this but not easy!

So now we know a 5k row is probably quicker than a 5 k walk we can work on the intensity i.e. the work being done (this should increase the heart rate and reduce the overall time).

So let us say for the time being the first and last 5 minutes are ALWAYS in zone 1

that leaves approximately 30 minutes for higher RPE either 1 long moderate
interval or several higher intensity intervals.

I know what you are thinking what if the 5 k is completed and there is no time for the 5 minute zone 1 cool down (have already thought of that).

If you run out of time  for the cooldown and have completed the 5000 metres then an additional 5 minute zone 1 cooldown is an added bonus! It might sound mean but getting off the rower before a cooldown period is not top be advised. It has something to do with getting dizzy and jelly legs.

HRM zones 2013-08-02_063948
Ideally warmup and cool down in Zone1 and the main part of the workout at high zones.
It may be necessary to change the zones and then review them is 3 months.

2 thoughts on “RPE & HRM ~TJ27

  1. I tried very hard to maintain the average s/m at around 30, as I tired the stroke rate dropped and therefore was a bit more effort to get it back to the desired zone.; but didn’t seem to matter what I did I could not increase the s/m above 32 or heart rate above the 90’s.

    Began to get very sore knees after 30 minutes

  2. That’s all good – early days – main objective is to build the “aerobic” base – good thing is more than 45 minutes is about the ceiling for seeing benefits – doesn’t mean you can stop before finishing the 10km though that’s different.

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