Liking a blog – I’m confused ~CC01

Where can I see the number of likes for the blog rather than an individual post.

I can see a like button in the dashboard at the top near the follow button.
So I can like other people post and can see if I have followed or liked the post already.

Like - 2013-08-01_204222

Like 2013-08-01_205700

My confusion comes because they have sent me this notification
where can I see this tally – that they speak of
it does not seem to mention 1 post of is it all combined posts?

5 likes 2013-08-01_181534


5 thoughts on “Liking a blog – I’m confused ~CC01

  1. WP sends out automatically little gems like that one to mark milestones in your blogging career – it means you have had a total of 5 people push the like button on different posts on your blog. It could be 5 different people or all the same person, it is just a total. You also get ’em at certain points with followers. Hope that helps 🙂

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