Walking ~TJ23

Since I did the first parkrun a couple weeks ago and got very ill – in the sun with a major drop in BP I have been afraid to walk again.  I am finding that getting older increases fear of many normal things.

He who must be obeyed has been his usual patient, encouraging, motivational self, but finally said you have to do it – walk a little everyday, just start again and rebuild your confidence.

So tonight,  I did, I went back to Sospan Road Runners and Power Walkers club, which I have joined and we walked two miles at  a pace of 16:30 a mile. It was a cool evening and I was left to walk at my pace with no pushing, I had encouragement and watchful eyes on me. I enjoyed it, was nice to get out and about again, talk to people about life and running, getting fit etc, mixed age range and all friendly people.

Parkrun 2 on Saturday – thanks for sticking by me Steve and for being a bossy sod when you need to be!


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