Thomas J. Watson – From Wikipedia

Thomas J. Watson – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Thomas J Watson Sr.jpg

Thomas J. Watson, Sr., circa 1920s
Born Thomas John Watson
February 17, 1874
Campbell, New York, U.S.
Died June 19, 1956 (aged 82)
New York CityNew York, U.S.
Occupation Chairman and CEO of IBM 1914-1956, business

Thomas John Watson, Sr. (February 17, 1874 – June 19, 1956) was the chairman and CEO of International Business Machines (IBM), who oversaw that company’s growth into an international force from 1914 to 1956. Watson developed IBM’s distinctive management style and corporate culture, and turned the company into a highly-effective selling organization, based largely around punched card tabulating machines. A leading self-made industrialist, he was one of the richest men of his time and was called the world’s greatest salesman when he died in 1956.


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