My Meds ~TJ22

Currently I am taking the following:

Ramipril – blood pressure

Atorvastation – Cholesterol

Lanzoprazole – gastritis and stomach protection

Aspirin – prophylactically for blood thinning

Bisoporol – blood pressure

Bendroflumethiazide – diuretic for bi lateral oedema of legs

When I was first sent to chest pain clinic I was put on beta blockers, ace inhibitors, calcium channel blockers, aspirin, statins, lanzoprazole, GTN spray, and pain killers (8 a day) I felt worse after the medication than I ever did with the pains. I couldn’t drive, I had to sit at home for two hours after taking the meds before I could go to work, then I was dopey all day.

When i complained to the doctor he more or less told me to stop whining at least I was alive! But I had no quality of life so I started researching my ‘conditions’. NICE was a brilliant site where all research papers could be found, advice to government and GPs re efficacy of pills. I went back and insisted that the cocktail was changed and it was. I felt better by a factor of about 200%.

Eventually i felt normal again so I dropped the blood pressure pills – BIG MISTAKE! Within a week I had a TIA (mini stroke) a blood clot in my neck which had to be tracked and busted, and was admitted three days after this with severe chest pains.

Really folks – NEVER EVER just stop taking this stuff it can KILL you.


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