Goals and Targets

How do you talk to yourself, do you accept second best from yourself?
I think the term “failure” can be quite unhelpful at times and yet could also be useful to other people its all in the context.

Let me explain – if you are a runner, enjoy it and running provides you with health or mood benefit then the pace at which you run is largely irrelevant. In fact jogging fast, running slowly or walking briskly can all be interchangeable and probably have similar benefits.

If I do a 5k timed run and my time is 45.5 minutes and over a number of 5k’s my time is regularly 44 to 46 minutes. I decide the following week I am going to set myself a goal of under 30 minutes.

The chances are I will “fail” to achieve the goal of reducing my time by a third.

If I set a goal of trying to reduce my time while improving my running technique and set a goal of under 40 minutes within 3 months and a secondary goal of 38 minutes.


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