It’s Okay, You’re Just Fat: Medical Care & Fat Acceptance

Doctors should first treat the person and not let their prejudice influence their decisions.

I was recently told a true story about a guy who went to the doctor and asked about an odd patch on his arm – ” can guarantee its nothing” was the reply – from the doctor after a glance – “I can remove it or there is a special clinic for it.

The patient opted for the clinic – 6 weeks later they sent a letter to ask him to return as it was a new variant they had not seen before and could they check him over again and and take sample of tissue for research.

He queried that the doctor had “guaranteed” it was benign and not malignant. The guy hummmed and said nobody can give you a guarantee – happens all the time!

Lucky he went to the clinic – it angers me when a professional disregards their training and logic and uses their judgement in areas they are not a specialist in and put patients at risk.

If you think – isolated incident – why the “happens all the time!” comment. Get any suspicious skin blemishes checkout!

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The Stretch For Something Beautiful

I’ve recently not felt the greatest. The heat has been harsh in Toronto, humidexes up to 45C, and I haven’t been sleeping that well. I am on several medications for some chronic conditions I have, and because I don’t have a family doctor in Toronto, I have to go to urgent care walk-in clinics to get my prescriptions filled. It’s irritating and I’m trying to fix the issue so that I no longer have to be at the mercy of walk-ins that open and close whenever they please, but the recent treatment I’ve experienced, seeing several different doctors every time I go to the clinic, has inspired this post.

It’s not something that many people talk about when they are ill and need to see the doctor. Like many things surrounding obesity, most people who are obese prefer to swallow their pride and their hurt and try to access treatment…

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