Gastritis ~TJ37

Well this is a lovely little condition where the lining of the stomach has been torn apart by the action of the Nsaids (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug). In other words the pills the doctors have been giving me for twenty years for my arthritis, they work well to control swelling and therfore pain, but without protective drugs they destroy your stomach.

So I get chest pains, toddle off to docs and the tests start – eventually they diagnose gastritis – this causes stomach contents to shoot back up the gullet at will. Not pleasantm have to sleep in a sitting position, be careful when bending over, cut back on spicy foods and acidic foods.

But I have to report that following the Steve plan (ie doing what he who must be obeyed tells me to do ) not only have I lost weight but have become largely symptom free  for a few months now.

All hail the mighty Steve!!!


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