The day after the depression ~TJ18

The day after the depression day – 18

Image of sunrise


Well I seem to have gotten over whatever it was that got me down yesterday. I think physical exhaustion plus personal problems was the main cause. Confession time though – I had not been sticking to my food plan or doing the dreaded diary and that affected my well being.

So back on the straight and narrow today will have porridge shortly and put in major efforts for August to get back on the path.

Thanks to all for support.

A special thank you to Lauren for the “like”
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Geek fact
she was page view 123 and the
first visitor from the USA today.


4 thoughts on “The day after the depression ~TJ18

  1. Ah I didn’t see sunrise today I got up very late and feeling refreshed and much less down than yesterday. Body composition figures helped with fat % down to an all time low and muscle % up to an all time high yay

    • I think the blog is going well, I am enjoying doing it, it is great to be able to rant, to rave , to praise, to bask in the glory of my little daily achievements.

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