Meet me ~TJ17

Having introduced my mentor, Steve, my back up and repair team of Lizzies, I thought perhaps I should tell you about me!

I am a single mother of two sons both over 18. I work and have done so since the youngest was three years old. I care part time for my mother.

As for me as a person, I am an extreme person, everything I do is done to the fullest extent of my energy, resolve and knowledge, no half measures here! This includes drinking, smoking (other vices lol), work, getting fit etc. So I gave up booze in 1994, sex in 1994 and fags in 2005 (after heart problems).

I am soft and cry at the drop of a hat, silly films, sloppy stories anything sets me off. I hate to see others suffer in any way at all. On the reverse though I will fight like a tiger for my children, my beliefs and principles – not that I don’t listen to others views and respect them – of course I do, but principles sometimes have to be upheld regardless of cost to the self.

God I sound weird lol


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