Meeting my mentor ~TJ13

There I was chatting away on a social networking site and I came across Steve from Derby, he is an enthusiastic amateur fitness and nutrition person, a computer wizard and all round decent bloke. We chat for ages, as you do, he finds himself in my neck of the woods, we meet have a great time and continue to chat online.

An exhibition comes up in London that we both fancy so we go to see it. I’m a Londoner so I loved the experience of visiting old haunts and having ‘proper’ fish and chips! More online and phone chatting and in February I say I really must get back to dieting, I want the weight off. Next thing I know Steve turns into Superman and starts asking me loads of questions, what do I eat / drink / weigh, how much / little exercise do I do etc etc etc.

I was also trying to train for Race for Life in June.

The whirlwind of information and activity was formidable, training plans were made, food plans, trials of new foods and drinks, and here we are today following my dream together.

Thank you Steve for my new life, my new body, my new outlook on life and my renewed sense of worth and confidence.

I will leave it to him to describe his motivation for helping me so much, my motivation is simple get fitter and slimmer so I can enjoy my pension!

English: Fish and chips traditionally wrapped ...

English: Fish and chips traditionally wrapped in white paper (for hygiene) and then newspaper; frequently eaten with tartar sauce and ketchup; Stromness, Orkney. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fish and chips - 2013-07-26_090511

English: Race For Life 2011 at Parker's Piece,...

English: Race For Life 2011 at Parker’s Piece, Cambridge, England. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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