Funky new shoes ~TJ10

2013-07-25 17.35.19 2013-07-25 17.35.31

Aren’t these the coolest running shoes ever?

Turquoise and purple, just beautiful!

Better still they are from Lidl £15.00 a pair and honestly they felt like my feet were being cuddled, held firmly but gently, the insole and bridge support were noticeable but not intrusive. The insole comes out for washing – great anti-pong protection as well as form and looks!

Wore them to the gym, good grip on treadmill, nice and flexible on the rower and comfy for standing doing the weights.

Update on the funky shoes, have now walked and run in them and they are superb, BUT not comfy for day to day stuff, my other shoes I can wear all day and then walk/run/gym whatever these get uncomfortable quickly when not actually doing some exercise – maybe I got the magic pair that make me want to do stuff? Maybe I’m just weird lol.

The running socks I bought from Lidl at the same time are ace – I wish I had bought several pairs they outstrip any other socks I have, hope they last well cos they are being washed and dried every day!


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